Daniel Looper

professional bio

Daniel Looper

Data Scientist & Technologist

I get things done!


I love working with data to optimize business and creating future technology.

I have created Data  system and applications that have resulting in 100,000's of man hours

savings, based on extensive data Science knowledge and business analysis  skills.


Data Scientist - Systems Administration - Project Management - Programming - Business Analyst - DBA

Pepper Properties LLC

Real Estate Agent , Oklahoma

Licensed Realtor of residential and Land Sales.
Expert in planning and integrating marketing campaigns, resulting in increase leads.
Expert in contracting, negotiations, and marketing
Master of investigative research and client analysis to deliver solution meeting clients needs.
Prepare document such as contracts, closing statements, and other state required documents.
Identify properties and consult with clients on market so that onsite inspection of potential properties can be established.
Conduct suitability analysis of client selected properties ensuring they meet the clients requirements and ability.
Advise sellers on how to make their homes more appealing to potential buyers, increasing average selling price by 17% from initial appraisals.
1st year with Pepper Properties sold just less than 1 million in residential sales.

Capelli Salon LLC

Master Stylist, Manager, Supervisor, Oklahoma

Manage daily operation, staff, and vendors ensuring operational goals were meet.
Responsible for salon design layout, and salon marketing to maintain the salon brand and position.
Innovative Master stylists and pacesetters in the salon industry. More than a mere hair stylist, a master stylist is an artist, educator and entrepreneur.
Master stylists develop trends, set salon standards and act as a spokesperson for the business.
Trained and educated beyond state and local cosmetology requirements. Advanced degrees in business, additional classes in public speaking and marketing.
Performing precision haircuts and expert at color formulation.
Developed a "signature look" that Clients want.

Dan Looper Consulting

Business Development Consultant

Senior business analysts consultant with a variety of responsibilities often complex depending on the issues. Background in business and the ability to comprehend and process a large amount of information related to the needs of the organization.
Quickly understand the data challenges of a client’s company and organization helping a company thrive.
Identifying an organization’s strengths and weaknesses and suggesting areas where they can improve.
Suggesting solution (or solutions) that will assist an organization, review and edit specific requirements, specifications, business processes and recommendations to ensure the suggestion will be a successful as possible. Develop functional specifications and system design details for organizations, requiring a great amount of knowledge specific to an organizations needs.
Managing complex projects that are much more difficult and complex.
Perform other tasks that are related to the job title including assisting in the enforcement of project deadlines and schedules, communicating effectively with personnel, applying project standards, managing resources in accordance with project schedules, and delivering quality services to clients.


Senior Consultant

Superior Consulting Services tailored to meet the needs and requirements of clients. TMA Consultants offer a full range of services, provided remotely, at your site, or at the TMA Training Center on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. The Consultant becomes your single point of contact with the in-depth technical knowledge and expertise necessary to manage your project from start to completion. Regardless of the project’s complexity, the Consultant has the experience to guide your organization through the entire process. The Consultant will assist in the development of a project plan that will help identify the goals, allocate the correct resources, and delegate responsibilities appropriately. In addition, the consultant will conduct periodic reviews that will ensure the project is completed on time and on budget. These services include full project management, data and systems conversion services, and strategies for improving work-flow and work processes. These services are uniquely tailored to fit the needs and requirements of each client.

Advanced Implementation Consulting, Unique environments often require more advanced implementation services to meet your organization's needs. TMA Consultants are committed to working with your organization to ensure these integrations are done smoothly and efficiently.

Data Collection, TMA Consultants collect your data, or should you desire, provide standard or custom data collection forms for you to gather your property, plant, and equipment data. In addition, TMA Consultants can design database tools to assist your organization in gathering the data to initialize the TMA database via the TMA iPortal.

Data Conversion, TMA Consultants can provide a full range of data conversion services that can allow data conversion from one database format to another.